Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Challenge 81.

Relaxation, journal about one of your weekend days:- either Saturday or Sunday include 5 photos.
What wakes you up, your choice of breakfast, how it is different from the weekday routine. How you relax, destress, treat yourself .What you do for fun, entertainment, family stuff, games, tv programmes that are only allowed on weekends etc places you go that are different from weekly activities etc.

Please either leave me a comment or drop me an email. eyeore at telkomsa dot net
When we have 5 entires in a calendar month I will have a lucky draw RAK and am prepared to post internationally.

Heather is first up to bring you her interpretation of challenge 81.

Here is her journaling:
Saturdays mean soccer in the spring, but otherwise, birthday parties, hot breakfasts, playtime, cuddling, snacks, leftovers, relaxation and rejuvenation, treats, and, most importantly, spending time together. I'm going to miss these once you are teenagers and make your own plans!


Debbie said...

Great LO Heather - your weekends sound great!

Liza said...

love the journal heather. kids do really grow up fast and it's best to cherish these things as much as you can. great layout!

Diana said...

Perfect timing! I have some pics from a recent Sunday outing that I'll do a LO with and submit!