Saturday, 22 May 2010

Jennifer's challenge 80.

title is 'finding the right balance',
here's my journaling:

'In trying to find the right balance in my life I've had to face up to one important fact: It's impossible to prioritise everything at once! Some days I have to let the housework build up in favour of playing with my daughter; or a whole month might go by without me picking up a fiction book because I want to concentrate on crafting.
I still find this a difficult truth to live with - I wish I could do everything at once! But I manage to accept it with encouragement from my husband and from my best friend (they tell me to stop getting stressed!), and by reading blogs that show I'm not the only one doing a zillion things, one thing at a time.
I've tried to set myself some achievable goals - 'pocket-sized plans' to blog about each week, but I keep setting too many, or they turn out to be too big to finish in a week! I guess finding the right balance will be an ongoing challenge, I'll always be tilting this-way-and-that to try and level things out!'


Diana said...

What a fab layout.

Darlene Servolini said...

I LOVE this idea!!!! So well done!!! :D

Scatter said...

Awesome LO!! Very clever.

Liza said...

Love this Jennifer! Such a whimsical design! And the journaling is great!