Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Reader's roundup for challenges 75 and 76 March 2010

From Michelle (Mimita)

I have a special child. Music plays an important role in his life, it enables him to express, let out everything inside, it's a blessing.  So I wrote this poem for him.  It may be almost weird to you but it bares a lot of meaning to him.  I know he gets it and he agrees...
Scratch my guitar
Feel the music
It’s so fantastic

Scratch my guitar
Instrument of joy
So more than a toy

Scratch my guitar
Rhythm of my soul
Hear it to the North Pole

Scratch my guitar
When I’m frustrated
Totally distracted

Scratch my guitar
When I’m down
Feel like a clown

Scratch my guitar
When I feel bound
To the ground

Scratch my guitar
Get all of it out
Express all the doubt

Scratch my guitar
Rise above the chaos
Stop feeling the loss

Scratch my guitar
Let me rise above the clouds
Away from the crowds

Scratch my guitar
Oh so soothing
Melody playing

From Daisie

Journaling says:
"I LOVE music. As far back as I can remember I have been listening to music and singing. I love any kind of music I can get my hands on. I’m really not picky. Music gets me through all the good and bad times. I just hope that I can raise my kids with the same appreciation.I remember the first time I discovered my musical style. I was 14 and before then I had always just listened to what the people around me had been or soundtracks of movies I loved. But then I ordered some cd’s from a catalogue and discovered No Doubt, Garbage, and the Cardigans. From there on I had my own music. None of my friends liked those groups but I couldn’t get enough. Now I have added some music but I still have my “core” set of music that I love that will never change. "

Just checking with you all that there are no other's that I might have missed or any submissions for challenge 76 - What makes you mad?
I will be doing the draw tomorrow unless I hear from some others.
(Carol B, Mimita and Daisie all have a chance to win the awesome prize sponsored by Debbie Hodge.

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Tracy said...

Love these LO's Michelle and Daisie ...

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