Monday, 5 April 2010

Liza's Challenge 77

 Egg Art

When we were kids, I remember always being invited by our neighbors for an Easter egg hunt after the mass. It was a lot of fun then, looking under the tables, the bushes, anywhere possible. Each egg will have a prize equivalent, the more eggs, the better. But as we grew up, this activity got lost in the daily grind of life. I think it was more because we matured, we've lost the magic it holds over us as kids.

But I don't want it gone forever. I want my future kids to have the same experience, to go through the same joy and fun of this Easter activity. Their hands getting all colored up while painting the eggs... Me, hiding it in the garden... Them running around everywhere searching for the prized eggs... All of us will be having fun together.

And just like me, they'll look back into that experience and embrace the joy of childhood once more. And so, the process continues for them and their future generations.

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Tracy said...

Our furture generations would lose out big time if we did not pass on the Easter traditions that we found so special and memorable ... TFS, Liza ...

Love, Tracy G