Monday, 12 April 2010

My challenge 77.

Easter Sunday was the day the Easter Bunny came to Grannys house. I think that my Mom used to keep me (and my cousins; ) busy while Aunty Dodo did the actual hiding of the eggs. My Mom would always call that the Bunny was there if we were very quick we might still catch a sight of him. The one year I really believed I saw him, just before he jumped over the wall to the neighbours garden. That just shows you the amazing power of the mind. He was pink and white and about 6 feet tall!
I can even show you the exact spot I saw him, in Grannys garden.
It never even dawned on me that eggs were hidden by a person. I just believed that the Bunny was very clever – always hiding exactly the correct number of eggs, one for each of us. We also knew that if we had found one like that already to leave it for one of the others to find. As I was the oldest I found most of them, but let the boys “discover” them, themselves. I remember one year Aunty Mavis was also there helping us search. For some reason I used to really get excited when finding the shiny metallic covered eggs. The eggs used to then be stored in the fridge and would get rationed out. Having so many Aunts was a bonus as us kids were richly blessed with chocolate eggs.
It looks like these photos span 2 different years, but I guess I must have been around 5 or 6.


Shayne said...

That could so easily be Rosie in that pic.

Very pretty LO Stef.

Tracy said...

The bunny was 6" tall for me too ...

TFS ...

Love, Tracy G