Thursday, 1 April 2010

Introducing Challenge 77

Challenge No 77 is brought to us by Stefanie:

Create a LO based on an Easter memory.  Traditions from your childhood, who was involved, what happened, why you want to remember it, as well as any new traditions that you have begun.

I have the LO, but not the Journalling for her LO, so will wait to post that one.  Instead you get to see mine :)

 (Egg)tra Special


How blessed you girls were to find all these yummy eggs on Easter Sunday!  And how much fun you both had looking for them!  I loved seeing the delight on your faces upon stumbling on another egg tucked away.  The Sunday Morning Easter Egg Hunt has long been a tradition in our family.  And now that i've got children i get to carry it down the line - which i just love!

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Stefanie said...

Thanks Shayne I will get to it very soon.
Great that you have carried on this tradition. I love that as Nother's we get to do that passing these delights down through the generations. And starting new traditions...I love that too.