Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Joanne's challenge 38.

Pauls Norwegian family, Odd and Heddy came to visit us in March 2004. On
the second evening of their visit Jan, Suzanna and the kids came around and
we had a family dinner. Odd and Heddy presented us all with a beautiful
Norwegian jersey, we then posed for this photo but just couldn't stop
laughing, possibly the thought of us all going out in the middle of winter
all wearing the same jerseys was fueling the laughter. Paul and I have
since argued about who was going to wear their jersey out on the odd really
cold evening and when going out with Jan and Suzanna it is always hit and
miss as to who is wearing their jersey.


Tracy said...

What a giggle, Joanne ...

My sil and I have sometimes arrived at the same place with very similar colours on and it has been a scream ...

Love, Tracy

QueenTracy said...

Such a fun photo for this challenge!

Liza said...

That is so cute Joanne! Such fun!