Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Readers roundup.

This one is from Melita for (challenge 36 - family traits. family tree) Serra Little League All-Star Game...June 14, 2008...You are such a great athlete. A lot of determination and hard work helps you succeed. You get that drive from me, I am proud to say. And luckily, the athleticism from more able family members.

this is Timi's secret LO (challenge 37)

At 37, I should have already known the purpose of my existence, what I want from life and what I can possibly give to life. I have been a CATHOLIC all my life, being baptized in a Catholic Church and educated in Catholic schools. At this point in time, having been exposed to a wide range of ideas on spirituality, I have been considering attending lecture sessions and seminars by Brahma Kumaris or even by renowned psychic, Jaime T. Licauco. It's not that I am shunning away from my Catholic faith but these days I have been fascinated by the teachings of Buddhism- karma, past life, reincarnation, soul mate, meditation. These are the areas that I really like to explore and not many people know about this...

Thanks for your participation ladies - I will be putting your names into the draw for the October prize.

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Liza said...

Wonderful layouts ladies!
And your journaling are really great!