Sunday, 19 October 2008

Stefanie's challenge 40: texting

wuu2 = what you up to?
wud = what you doing?
brb = be right back
nvm = never mind
wmj = wat maak jy? What you doing?
gtg = got to go
bb = bye bye
ty = thank-you
uw = you’re welcome
np = no problem
kwl = cool
tks = thanks
bf = best friend/ boy friend
bff = best friend forever
gf = girl friend
nu = and you?
hw = homework
lol = laugh out loud
lmas = laughing my ass off
rofl = roll on the floor laughing
ps = play station
wtv = watching tv
wuw = what you watching?
pc = playing computer
gud = good
lib = lying in bed
lob = lying on bed
cgz = congratulations
diy = do it yourself
fyi = for your information
atm = at the moment
pic = picture
y = why?
u = you
c = see
ily = I love you
dif = different
btw = by the way
kk = million
k = thousand
nmp = not my problem
nop = not our problem
I have the journaling hidden under the photo in my son's handwriting for him to look at in many years time so he can laugh about technology from the turn of the century.


QueenTracy said...

Cool! I'm gonna have to try and remember some of these. LOL. I've posted a thread for this challenge on Twopeasinabucket. You can find it here:

Tracy said...

Love it, Stef!!!

I am so technologically-challenged - still type the whole friggin' message everytime ...

Gonna use your code to simplify things ... and make it look like I'm "with it" ... tee hee ..

Love, Tracy

Nicole Drewniak said...

Thank goodness you wrote the "translations" or I'd be pooched! LOL

Liza said...

That is way cool Stefanie! Funny how he made all those text codes. Lots of new "translations." LOL!

Ali said...

Great Job Stefanie! Love it!