Friday, 31 October 2008

Stefanie's challenge 41.

I really struggled with this challenge as my scrapping mojo is missing, but I appreciate all the digi divas out there who provide freebie quickpages that I can literally just drop some photos into and voila!
Not only that but the awesome dt have covered all the topics that I would thought of and far better than I can have. Shannon is missing those early married days with a melancholy feel on her Lo, Mia's longing for the scent of her babies, Tracy G wonders where her childhood went and Liza is missing a relaxing easy time with her there wasn't really anything left for me. Great job ladies!

I decided to focus on missing my youth. Ironically when I was young, thin and pretty I had so many insecurities that I would disappear whenever a camera came out, now that I am older, wrinkled and carry more weight I am willing to step in front of the camera as I feel that I would wish to have more pics of me when I am 60 or 80, then I will think wow look how good I looked when I had no grey hair and all of my own teeth.


Nicole Drewniak said...

Gorgeous layout and you look fab! You're absolutely right to get in front of the camera; we often regret the things we didn't do so good on ya!

Tracy said...

You go girl!!!

Stunning LO and I love that you are loving you more .... what more could you ask for???

Love, Tracy G

Helen Tilbury said...

I reckon you look good enough! Just be happy for a fully-functioning body! I also hate having my photo taken so I know what it's like, but then I am INCREDIBLY non-photogenic!

Ali said...

Beautiful job/journaling and photos Stefanie... love those cuddly kitties, too! Awww!