Monday, 21 July 2008

Two more

Eenie weenie scenie Moffy



John Boy Walton



Cable John

Brolie, Bro

Dumb ass (from his older brother - not me!)

Mr Teachable Spirit

When you were about two I called you "honey" it started as Johannes which is Afrikaans for John, your second name and evolved from there. I stopped calling you Honey when some stupid lady at a Mothercare Bible Study asked if Honey was my daughter's real name.

No matter what I call you though, you'll always be my little Honey.


mel_h said...

hi stephanie! really nice to meet you and big BONUS that youre a fellow south african! thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog, ill be checking in regularly!
much love,
mel_h xxxxxxxx

Melissa said...

The journaling on the last one is so blunt and honest! I like that! :)

QueenTracy said...

love love love the circles on the "Honey Layout". I may just have to scraplift that one! :-D

Nicole Drewniak said...

These are just aces! The journaling cracked me up--esp. the Dumbass "nickname" (siblings!! LOL) and the story behind Honey. Well done!

anniebee said...

i think honey is a unisex name. too funny. its a southern thing. the lady must have been a yankee.

anniebee said...
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