Sunday, 20 July 2008

Another reader's submission for challenge 27.

This was sent in from Yasu Kataoka
Since I am into vintage taste, I have been trying to make photoes look like vintage most of the time. However this picture is a real vintage of my own. As the title says, it was back in 1980 when I lived in Australia with my family. (We were there because of my dad's work.) I always look at this picture with deep emotion. It was a day filled with joy and always believed in my bright future lay ahead. The world was samll, my heart big.Even though I admire vintage style, I completely forgot that I myself is a real vintage!! It scares me how TimeFlies・・・Me with my classmates lined up in front of the padock. (Aussie! ) My teacher Ms.West was beautifully smiling as she always did.The bird, from wall paper which was pretty out of date, turned out to be perfect with my paper (FoofLala) and the picture. The bird pulls a piece of wire which has a key (Tim Holtz) with a clock on it. You can imagine the key is opening my heart back to 1980.  Here we go!
Thanks so much for your reminisce entry.


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Melissa said...

Excellent layout! I really like all the little details!

Nicole Drewniak said...

Just lovely!