Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Joanne's nicknames challenge.

The journalling reads
With the name Joanne, you could easily assume that I would be called Jo.
Yes and No. At school I was only ever called Joanne and my Mum and family
call me Joanne, although my brother Andrew has also started calling me Jo.
My Mum also calls me Chicken which I secretly Love. I have ended up calling
my kids Chicken too. I have occasionally had friends that called me Jo, but
not many. However, since I moved to Cape Town everyone knows me as Jo but
they all know my name is Joanne. Paul calls me Josephine and always has. I
don't know why and neither does he!! I love being called Jo, for me it
feels like a term of endearment after years of Joanne. Suppose I am just
not the 'babes' type.


anniebee said...

i love the buttons you chose.

Nicole Drewniak said...

I love your strip style journaling and the cool embellies! I call my dd "Chicken Little" so we sort of have that in common! LOL