Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Thanks to Stella Crupko.

Stella has handed over the reigns of journalingjunkie to me (Stefanie) and I just want to say thanks for allowing me to take over and make some changes.
We, the design team appreciate all the hard work you have put into this from the beginning, the weekly posts, the sponsored products and the months of being on your team, of inspiring and being inspired.
I truly appreciate you giving me this opportunity and trust that you will be popping in from time to time and even submitting a layout as you get a gap.
We wish you all of the best, from your design team.
BTW(if I have deleted you from the design team and you still want to be here please forgive me and allow me to put you back on . It was nothing personal I have just acted on information given to me about who wants to be in and who wants out. Thanks.)

1 comment:

Five-Browns said...

I vas here! and I look forward to being here lots more!