Thursday, 24 July 2008

Challenge 28 Nicknames : readers round-up.

Thanks so much ladies for taking time to rise to the challenge.

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This entry was from Ali:
OH MY Daniel!!

Daniel, my sweet “Pumpkin,” now almost 8 yrs old, won’t let me call him that.
He doesn’t like to be called by any other nickname except “Dan-Dan Houdini-Man…”

When he was just 2 yrs old and still a baby, really, he could barely pronounce the nickname he’d earned, and it came out “Bam-Bam Houbini-Ban” which was totally hilarious. It has stuck and still makes his Daddy and I laugh!

The nickname was earned because Daniel was truly a Houdini-like escape artist from the beginning!

One crisp fall morning at 6 AM, having run past me in the kitchen like a streak of lightning (which I missed), Daniel, about 3 years old, went out the sliding patio door and down the deck stairway in his undies. He then made his way to the fence surrounding our yard.

Daddy went to back up after clearing the windshields in the van of frost...and…as he glanced out the now-cleared front windshield, there was Daniel, peeking up like “Kilroy” over the fence at his Daddy in the van!!

YIKES! We STILL can’t figure out how he got past me in the kitchen, and outside so quickly and quietly. Daddy says he will never forget how startled he was to look through the windshield and see Daniel’s little face grinning at him from over the fence!!

Daddy brought him back in, and he was “Dan-Dan Houdini-Man” to all of us from that day forward.


Photo~ late July 2007; age almost 7
Journaling July 2008.
This one is from Lynn Robertson.
Her journaling:
It's a nice feeling when my parents call me by one of my affectionate nicknames.
toots, lynnie, pal, bairn, darling, bear

My journaling reads:
Dannah - most people call you by this name
Ayah - the nickname you never got to use
Nene- close family members call you by this name especially your Daddy
Baby Girl - that is how I'd like to call you, even when you're all grown up
Boy- your Ninong (godfather)-best friend calls you by this name.
I don't know why because it's a secret between the two of you
Deng - Che (Cheng) and Pau (Andeng) call you by this name in your "make-believe" world.

Thanks to Timi Mercado.

Journaling reads:
Loving every minute of being on the wall at Planet Granite. And as you ascend the wall, you can hear all the names you have as others shout out encouragement: Zachary, Zach, Jie-Jie and Guo-Guo.
I used Creative Scrappers sketch #9.
Melita Chow sent in this page.

Lord FartQuard
Lil man

Thanks Annie Brown.

Cameron Jakob

DJ Wiggy-wiggyCJ

The Drama Queen

Little Fatz

Thunderoucious Thighs

Little Linebacker




Lil Bubba


Baby Brother

Velcro Baby

Journaling reads:
When you’re sweet: Mommy’s little man
When you’re silly: Little monkey man
When you’re playing with Daddy: Mini-J
When we’re playing: Stinky-butt
When it’s bedtime: Cutie-Patootie
When we’re snuggling: Ethan-George
When you’re not good: Mr. Naughty McNaughty-head
When you’re good: The E-Man
These two from Melissa Williams.


Melissa said...

Yay! Thanks for posting it! :)

anniebee said...

love the stitching on the layout.

Ali said...

Adorable nicknames- Love the whole thing! Great job!

Mia Castrillo said...

I love how you have different names for different situations. :-) Cutie!

Melissa said...

Oops! I forgot to send the journaling with it, I think. It reads:

Cameron Jakob
DJ Wiggy-wiggy CJ
The Drama Queen
Little Fatz
Thunderoucious Thighs
Little Linebacker
Lil Bubba
Baby Brother
Velcro Baby

jacki janse van rensburg said...

hi stefanie

i'm always happy to find other SA blogger-scrappers!

i will pop in again soon.

Timi O. Mercado said...

Great job, ladies!

melita said...

Congratulations to Melissa! Such beautiful LOs! Well done ladies!

Timi O. Mercado said...

Congrats Melissa!

Nicole Drewniak said...

All the entries are wonderful! I loved reading them all and special congrats to Melissa!