Thursday, 17 July 2008

Stefanie's challenge 27.

I usually journal in the first person, as though I was actually talking to whoever I am making the LO about.
This LO was in response to a challenge on my friend, Kim's blog, but I also thought it would work for this week's challenge here as whileit is important to remember things that happened a long time ago, it is just as important to document the everyday, here and now.

Journaling reads as follows:

Your brothers were both out visiting friends and at first you were upset then you decided that we should have a play date. We did a scrapbook page, baked vanilla muffins and went on a shopping spree. You "scored"~ your words; a new dressing gown, 2 pairs of tights, denim shoes and Bratz pj's. At the end of the day I read you Hannah Montana and you said it was your best day.

Hannah's LO is included so that you can see her handwriting.

While this is very ordinary now in ten years time I will want to reminicse about what her handwriting was like when she was in grade 2.


Melissa said...

Seriously... I wish I had a little girl to do girl days with. What a special day and an awesome page to remember it by. :)

Melissa said...

PS - This is what happens when I get interrupted mid-post! LOL! Your daughter's page is so pretty! I love the flowers on the stems!

QueenTracy said...

I love having pieces of my son's handwriting on my pages. You will definitely treasure looking back at her handwritten words in a few years!

anniebee said...

how did you get the green paper folded over to have that "rolled" effect?

anniebee said...

how did you get the green paper folded over to have that "rolled" effect?

Mia Castrillo said...

thanks for the idea! will create something with my daughter's handwriting soon. :-)

i also love the blocks in your first layout!

Five-Browns said...

Really sweet pages Stef. What a precious day this was for both of you.

Ali said...

Awwww, what a beautiful day for Mum and daughter!
Loved reading what you did, and pls tell your DD that the muffins look AWESOME; so pefectly yummy!

Lovely SB pages... I enjoy doing them with my DD, Kate (14), too.

GREAT job, and yes, it is so imp to document the everyday!

Anita said...

Thought I would come and check out Journaling Junkie - Cool blog!