Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Stefanie's Take

Here is Stefanie's Take:

Journaling reads:

The best thing about 2007 (for me) has to be that the birth of your daughter somehow opened the door to our friendship once more. Even though our lives have got busy: yours with a full time job, new husband, step-daughter and a baby girl all your own not to mention three strapping sons from before and mine; juggling the home scene, three children and a scrapbooking enterprise. I treasure our 15+ year friendship. We have been through so much, encouraged one another, cried with one another, babysat for each other and used the other as a sounding board and to vent and always there has been a safety net knowing that no matter what~ neither of us will be judged and found wanting. I love that you and Andrew have the same temperament and that you give me much needed perspective when I can’t see the wood for the trees.
You know the song in my heart and can sing it back to me when I have forgotten the words. Thank-you.

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QueenTracy said...

Wow! What wonderful journaling and I love the photo too!