Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lost in the shuffle....

I think my e-mail is acting strange because I did not get Tracy or Jamie's entries for the e-mail challenge. Anyway, here is Tracy's and Jamie is resending and I will post ASAP. So, this week either do the e-mail challenge or the new challenge.


Title of Layout: Tracy by EVERY Other Name
inspired by a silly e-mail

Your Movie Star Name:Fern Chocolate Your "Fly Girl/Guy" Name:T-Lyn Your Star Wars Name:Kinpoe Kat Pirate Name: Surgeon Firecrotch Easter Bunny Name: Scamper Fluffycakes Ghetto Name:Lequeesha Hobbit Name: Orangeblossom Deepdelver Of Brockenborings Porn Star Name: Spanky Diggler Your Gangsta Name: Traizzle Your Detective Name:Purple Llama Your Soap Opera Name: Lynn Woodchase Your Super hero Name:
The Purple Slurpee Your Witness Protection Name: Louise Lewis Your Goth Name: Black Katara

***Note: This was inspired by one of those e-mails where you use your pets name and favorite color or mom's maiden name or whatever to create your new names. I also found some funny ones on blogthings.com. Thanks for this challenge! It was too fun!*

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Nicole Drewniak said...

Absolutely brilliant! I love the take on this challenge and you have such knack for bringing in a bit of humor too. You rock!