Sunday, 25 May 2008

Challenge # 24

This week's challenge is to do an LO based upon your oldest friend, this challenge is brought to you by our very own Colette.

Journaling Challenge - Who Is The Friend You Have Had the Longest?

My Sister Duana - by Colette Bate

Journaling reads:

Daddy was a Marine. We moved a lot. And, as a young girl I learned how to say good-bye. Even now, saying good-bye isn't hard to do. Because my defense against the pain is to look forward to the new adventure awaiting me. So, I'm not surprised that I don't have any long-term, close friends. I'm my best friend and I enjoy my own company.
However, Duana has been my friend ever since I was 4 years old. I am her big sister. And, although we are complete opposites we share our family, our childhood memories and the adventures of growing up with a dad in the military. But, we share much more than that. You see, she married my husband's brother and our adult lives have been inexorably entwined. Our relationship has weathered difficult times, yet we remain spiritually close ... true sisters.

friend (frend) n. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. But, let's not forget loves. Because she's been there for me my whole life ... more than my friend; sister.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful...I LOVE this line of products! :)

QueenTracy said...

What a great layout! I love the color choices and the journaling!