Friday, 2 May 2008

Challenge # 21

Sometimes I thank God for Unanswered prayers....or Sometimes I am grateful for unanswered wishes. Ever have a moment where you are glad that wish didn't come true or that prayer was not answered. Journal about it and record that moment.

Here is my page:

Journaling reads:
I know it sounds odd to thank God for not answering a prayer to keep your marriage together, but I honestly thank him every day for not answering that prayer. When I was with Craig, I used to think that there was not anything else in the world that I wanted more than to be with him. I would pray that God would keep us together. Thankfully, God has his own agenda and a higher purpose that is beyond my understanding. I honestly could not see how good would come of my divorce to Craig. I thought that God wanted us to be together and for so long that is what actually kept me with him. I thought that God had arranged everything perfectly so that I would be with him and that I would be going against his plan to leave him.In the long run, God did want us together, if I had never met and married Craig, I would never have met Christian. Craig is the reason that I got the job at Compucom and that is where I met Christian. If I had never met Christian, I would never have had my daughter. So, when I think of Craig, I thank God for that unanswered prayer. He is so right in what He does, even when I can't see how things will possibly work out, He knows better. It is so hard to remember sometimes, but I can really look back on my life and see how He had a better way than the way that I had planned for myself.

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Nicole Drewniak said...

It's funny how good things can come, even when we think it's our darkest hour. Fabulous journaling and I really like the collage of pics. :0)