Friday, 9 May 2008

Stefanie's Cosmo Cricket LO

Here is Stefanie's cosmo cricket LO:

Journaling reads:

"This was the highlight of Paris as well as the low point. I was taken in bythe height of the Eiffel Tower but failed to fully appreciate it afterclimbing the >360 steps. The hot chocolate was most welcome, the price of9.5 euros (R110) was not! I was convinced that the tower was rocking so letDH go up the lift to the top without me. He totally enjoyed it- snappingpictures from all the way around as well as up and down it. I was green andfeeling poorly and delighted to be back on the ground. The heavens openedand we stood in the pouring rain (and hail) for 10 minutes waiting for thebus to come, when it did it was full so we had to wait for the next one.Luckily by that time the sun was out and we were able to get warm and dry."

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Nicole Drewniak said...

Great description! What a thrill it all must have been.