Monday, 9 May 2011

Olivia's challenge 103.

This is my creation for the Mother's Day Challenge. I created a mini book all about my Mum which I'll blog later in the week. These two pages celebrate our friendship. The little envelope contains a letter to my Mum about how much I appreciate her looking out for me. Although some of her rules didn't seem fair when I was younger & she was quite protective, I know that she only had my best interests at heart.

Looking back I'm grateful that she wasn't like other Mums who let their children go anywhere, do anything & stay out really late, because most of those Mums also didn't take an interest in what might be going on at school or with friends. They didn't spend time teaching them how to read, write, cook etc. They didn't enrol them in Brownies, gymnastics, dancing, swimming. Those kids that were left to do their own thing did just that. They may have had more freedom at a younger age but there were things they missed out on too. I have lots of happy memories of time spent with my Mum and we have a great relationship today because of that.

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