Saturday, 7 May 2011

Elsie's Pieces

Elsie's Pieces Designs has the most awesome May grab bag available.
You can get $17.50 of fabulosity for $3.

Such an awesome selection of great stash building goodies and a mini kit and a full kit.

I used Happily ever after, the cocoa and cream solids, in stitches and the traced again alpha for my Look who's misbehaving LO.

B's last day here was the warmest and she wanted to get out and about in the sunshine. 
Hubby wanted to go for a walk so we made the trip to our local duck dam, taking 3/4 of a loaf of bread. Feeding the ducks (or in this case the geese always takes me back to doing the same in Germany as a child) 
But I digress...
He picked up stones and started flicking them highly accurately at CJ he told us that he's spent hours doing just that as a child in Zimbabwe. He got into serious trouble breaking the Rover's back windscreen with a pebble.
As we were walking back to the car he flicked a stone at B and she squealed in surprise. CJ and her then decided to prank him back by "colouring in" a bruise on her shoulder. I only had a pencil with me but paced it to them in the car knowing what was going on.
They played Hubs to the hilt, he was feeling so badly that she had this bruise on her shoulder, even getting me to put youth gel onto it, which I did VERY gently, patting and not rubbing so as not to disturb the pencil mark.

We were standing in the queue at the airport and he said again how badly he felt, bruising her etc etc and I said something about it being a bad mark, didn't he think it looked like a pencil mark. As the thought dawned on him we all got to catch his reaction and that moment will go down in family history as Bronnie having finally pranked her mischievous uncle.

The well rounded Mama has a post about choosing to spend money on events rather than things that really gave me food for thought. I know that this little outing to the duck pond will be an event that will continue to make me smile as well as be the story told with much laughter whenever we get together again.

I used Fiesta for the 2nd Lo of 2 of my children in Mexico.

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