Saturday, 28 May 2011

My values

 It may be easy to pretend to have some of these qualities, some or even most of the time, but without God's help you will let your mask fall and those nearest and dearest to you will see how you fall short, and if your family is anything like my family they will point out all of your transgressions. Thankfully His mercies are new every morning and we get to begin afresh with a clean slate to try all over again the next day.

 As I kissed her goodbye at school, she told me today was the first day she washed her face. Now I know that isn’t true, but what she meant was that she’d cleansed her face. She’s growing up and taking to heart all our “little talks” about her body changing. Her hair needs to be washed more often, she needs to drink more water and take care of her skin if she doesn’t want pimples. So when I look at the facecloth left in the hand basin, what do I see? I see progress, my little girl is growing up, becoming a young lady, actually hearing what I say and choosing to embrace her femininity and taking yet another step forward in becoming a woman.

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