Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Karen's challenge 104

Yet another tricky one- I didn't want to have to print out pictures of something terrible for my albums so instead I used lots of journalling cards and wrote a little bit about some of those key events from during my lifetime

Journalling reads

1. Septemer 11 2001
I was at school that day- driving to a lesson at Dormer and the news said two planes has flown into the Twin Towers-The towers fell while I was teaching the lesson on Irish terrorism to my year 11s

2. Death of Diana- 31.8.97
I came downstairs at James' parent house to hear the news of Diana. I was due to start my first ever teaching job the very next day- I ended up spending weeks teaching lessons about her

3. November 1989 Fall of Berlin Wall
I was 15 when the Berlin Wall fell- I was jealous because our school was going a trip there the next Februaay and I had decided not to go!

4. Hillsborough Stadium Disaster 15. 4. 1989
I'd been to town with Nan and Arnie as usual and we came back to see what was going on in the FA cup football Match- Grandad told us what happened as we watched people being stretchered away

5.Death of BIn Laden May 2011
We were on holiday in Drenthe when we heard about Bin Laden- I couldn't believe how thrilled Americans were- not worried at all about revenge

6. Chernobyl 26.4.1986
I think I was staying with Nan and Grandad at the time- this was my worst nightmare come true- I was petrified about nuclear disaster at the time

7 Wedding of Kate and William 30.4.2011
I watched the Royal Wedding at home alone- I was worried Nancy would be missin out being at school but she watched it with her brothers and class on the big screen

8. Heysel Stadium 29.5.1985
I remember we were playing outside in the garden on a warm evening- I knew Dad would be watching the football- I went in to see if it had started but instead there were battles with the police

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Olivia said...

Great way to use your journalin cards :)