Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mom equals food

I often joke and say that my children have a knee jerk reaction, like the baby birds when they see their Mom, all open their mouths wide and call "feed me, feed me!"

Many times when you children were younger mealtimes was such a battle ground. After hitting my head a few times we made certain ground rules compromises.
You had to eat your veggies and I would only cook veggies that you actually ate ~carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. No snacking or drinking of juice, cooldrink or milk just before meals as this would result in a decreased appetite. If you chose not to eat the meal set before you, you chose not to eat anything until the next meal.
No snacks in lunchboxes the next day if supper wasn’t finished either.
As you got older and started sprouting longer and leaner the appetite came with a vengeance and I just needed to ensure that we had enough bread, fruit, yoghurt and nuts available for grazing. Teenage boys are a pleasure to feed actually, you just need food, regularly and lots of it.

I used the May 2011 mega grab bag from Enchanted Studio Scraps, available here for $5 or free with purchase when you spend $8 or more.

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