Monday, 4 April 2011

Watcha watching?

I used a collab kit called "watcha watchin" by Madame Wing and Laura Banasiak
to show our tv watching habits as well as who has control of the tv remote.
You can get the kit here at the digichick.

Most likely to...
Dad - hand over the remote, watch weather, various news channels and air crash investigation
Mom - have control of the remote, watch programmes like CSI, NCIS, the good wife, the event, cougar town, the middle, modern family etc
Oldest - wants the remote and prepared to fight siblings for it, watches smallville, thrillers, horrors and anything else that Mom watches
Middlest - can find it when siblings have hidden it, loves soccer, esp Chelsea, cricket, anything sporty, most series, scrubs, wipeout and prank type humour
Littlest - hides remote so no-one can change channels from her choice, watches Disney, loves animated programmes, the middle, modern family, any chick flick Mom deems appropriate

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