Friday, 22 April 2011

My heart belongs in Africa

 All from Elise's Pieces - 
365 neutral basics linen 1 
365 neutral basics canvas 3 
doodle date tabs 
alpha from terra cotta 
365 mix-ins twist ribbon 4 
365 Mix-in polka ribbon 4 
Mix-ins straight stitch 2 
studio 365 bunch of buttons

I will readily admit that I am a transplant to this continent, having been born in Germany and only arriving in South Africa when I was 4. This is home to me now, even though there are many things that I can (and do) find fault with. There are so many things that make this the absolute best place to live. I love the Mediterranean climate, the hot dry summers and wet and windy winters. I love the colour blue that the sky is. Yes sometimes it is dark and dreary and an unhappy blue, but most days it is blue, a wonderful clear sky, soft fluffy clouds. I love African animals, going to Shamwari was such a highlight for me. The game drives into the bush and getting up close and personal with the animals. Watching rhino’s eat, hearing them crunch and rip the grass as they grazed. Seeing a cheetah sitting and surveying the horizon, content and complete.  Being amongst the elephants, watching a small ellie think he was bigger than our landrover and give a mock charge as he ran down the hill, til he got closer and saw that actually we were much bigger and he shuffled off looking sheepish.

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