Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Gotta have a little toot!

This one of mine was picked up here.

Anyway I am delighted about that.
I follow log your memory because they have loads of inspiration - topics to create Lo of,
real life captured and journaling prompts.

Elise's Pieces has her kit "ready for Spring" as her seasoned kit spotlight this week.
You can read about it on her blog here.
It is 45% off through Friday.

My title: Flowers and little girls need no excuse.
She is the one most likely to...
pick flowers from the garden and present me with a sweet floral bouquet.
Sometimes she just pops them into a vase and leaves them on the kitchen counter to find.

1 comment:

Ali said...

Stefanie, CONGRATS-- that is a great thing for a "toot" gfor sure. What a nice place that is... new to me. TYFS the link. The LO is a hoot, made me giggle! loved the little TV sets, LOL.
What a sweet girl you have, to leave u flowers... love the use of the quote as title and those fonts ROCK together! Great use of the journaling challenge to get that sweet memory scrapped. TYFS, you know, I really this this ought to be submitted...~ Ali