Thursday, 28 April 2011

My Easter 2011

Good Friday we slept late and skipped church, I know that is the day to celebrate Jesus death on the cross for our sins, however I do find it can be quite depressing. Our 23rd anniversary was on Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday we woke at 7.30. Plenty of time for the “Easter bunny” to put out the selection of Easter eggs in every one’s eating spots. Thankfully the days of me waking up at 5am and hopping around the damp garden hiding eggs is a thing of the past. The whole Eater egg hunt thing never really worked in our family because of the large age gap. Oldest was faster, taller and stronger and would rush around the garden at the speed of light finding everything and the other 2 were disappointed and could be quite distraught that he wouldn’t share his huge haul with them. Even though, the "Bunny" always hid enough for everyone, three of each EVERY SINGLE TIME! 
So we had a mellow start to the day, no breakfast as we call chocolate Easter eggs a balanced meal on this special day of the year. Then on to church for a family service with more celebrations and a heartfelt time of communion. Cheese and biscuits followed by an afternoon nap and then on to A for a potjie to celebrate her birthday, that all rounded our weekend off beautifully.

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Tracy said...

I hope you enjoyed the potjie, you are making me very hungry, lol.