Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Some early readers' submissions.

This first one is from Tracy.

What’s in your bag? We all carry baggage around, though who knows what's heavier: the philosophical luggage, or our actual purses. This series of photos were inspired by photographer Jason Trav and his deliciously voyeuristic, fashion forward portraits in the flickr photo pool titled “Persona”. His snapshots examine hipster Atlantans along with the contents of their messenger bags, backpacks and clutches to determine what they deem important in their lives.

From photo 1 we can surmise that my life is overflowing, indicated by the zipper that could not be zipped if my life depended on it. An obvious fix to this problem would be to go up a size in bags but my resistance to do that is also very Freudian! My life is full, and I love it. But maybe I could do with a little less STUFF in it.

Lets examine the contentment. In photo 2 we see everything that my purse held on June 29, 2010. I would have to say this is pretty typical.

The receipts alone would tell the story of the last month of my life. Add my camera’s memory card and my to do journal, and a good detective could retrace my every step.

I am not a glamour girl but I keep an extra lipstick and gloss. The second tube of gloss was discovered in the bottom of one of the unused(outside) pockets and promptly trashed afterwards.(no telling how long that’s been down there!) The little bottle of lotion is new. I love the fragrance “twilight woods”.(doing double duty as my perfume) The Visine is a hold over from the eye problems I had at the first of the year.

The next grouping could be title “things MacGyver would carry”. A tape measure, a large paper clip, a dime, a hair elastic, a nail file and a small can of pepper spray. I am also listing here the 8 ink pens because only MacGyver would know why I need 8 ink pens.

Lastly are the standards, a pair of cheep sunglasses and my coin purse that has a little less coin and a lot more plastic. The stack business cards are not my own; I am retired, they are Savannah’s from the hair salon. I guess right now I am her part-time marketing director.

Photo 3 is what’s going back in to my bag. Missing are the tell tale receipts, NO ONE should be that easy to follow! While I did remove 7 pens, the other MacGyverish items will be stored in the SEEKRIT inside pocket where other women might keep their girlie products. I think this stems from my girl scout days, and the motto “Be Prepared”.

The other items really do speak to who I am; simple and organized, defiantly not the hipster type. I try to make the most of my time, whether that is reading while I wait, photographing family gatherings and other little things that catch my eye or being a part time marketing director. By the way, I know a great little gal how can do a mean number with a pair a scissors!

I guess you really are what you schlep!

And the second is from Anazelia

My journaling is around the edges and it says, "I am not a purse person. In fact when I was childless I prided myself on not being one of "those" girls. Now with two children and a thousand things to do I am forced to carry a purse. On any given day I have a variety of things in my purse, but I always have ."
The arrows and journal spots are the pointing at
- wallet, phone, headphones and snacks
- sunscreen for the girls
- a camera for the girls (well really for me to take pictures of the girls)
- a notebook for lists, sketches, notes, etc.
- coupons and receipts 

Wonderful work ladies.
If there are any more that would love to submit this challenge closes midnight the 15th of July GMT.

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