Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Debbie's challenge 83.

Journaling reads

I've developed a liking of bags recently so my bag contents these days are fairly minimal- coupled with the fact that the kids are getting older so less to carry for them - wipes, spare clothes etc!
*The new must have in my bag is my iPhone- my birthday pressie from Andrew last week - already I am in LOVE with HIsptamatic app which I'd read so much about on blogs.
*Purse - clearly a girl needs cash at all times (unless she's the queen!) - way too many receipts in there!
*Tissues - it's hayfever season
*Eyedrops - It's hayfever season!
*Guy's inhaler - I always TRY to keep it with me.
*Words - it's the school play in 2 weeks- there are still songs to learn!
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