Saturday, 24 July 2010

From our readers.

From A graywolfe's ramblings.
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She decided to go back to the very start of journaling junkie and play along with our very first challenge.
(back before I was even on the team, Stella Crupko was the one who started the blog and set the challenges)

Tell a story about your life and begin with the words "once upon a time...". Try to make it about a profound and meaningful aspect of your morals, beliefs, feelings etc.

Once upon a time there was a baby girl born to Judy Wolfe and John Gray, on August 17th 1974. She was not expected as the Doctor told her parents that her mom was in a wheelchair so she could not get pregnant. Boy was he wrong. And so starts My Life. I started out strong (defying the Dr) I was a preemie at 4.4 lbs. Jumping forward 5 years. I didn’t seem to have an understanding for authority I got expelled from preschool. Who does that before 5 years old, I did that’s who. I don’t want to forget to mention this but I am a fiery redhead, yep it’s true we are a handful. I think it’s the fire in the hair that has us redheads so worked up. I now jump to age 10 and in school. I am best friends with the most popular girl in school, but am not liked by many others. I think that is because people don’t understand me, I am blunt, I speak the truth no matter how harsh it is reality is better than lying, I don’t understand most jokes, and most of all I don’t know how to communicate with the outside world like everyone else does. Jumping a few years to 14, my mom being post polio quadriplegic has a wheelchair so from the time I was able to stand on her foot pedals I would go with her everywhere walking then when I got older. I walked all around Pasadena with my mom. Everyone knew me to be her daughter as she worked for the City of Pasadena. I loved this spending time with my mom on the weekends who knew where we would end up. All things changed at 16, I was pregnant and very alone. Teen pregnancy alienates everyone from you because friends are not allowed to hang out anymore because they might “catch” pregnancy. I placed my daughter for adoption with friends she now 19 and I talk to her daily. I am a part of her family. Now jump to 18 out and about hopping freight trains as I go seeing the country being a vagabond. That’s me at that age. I got to see 46 of the lower 48s. I got to see most of Canada well the western part. I got to meet a lot of amazing people. Now to 19 and pregnant earthquakes can do that to ya…..nothing to do and well Dakota came into the world. She is now 15 and made me a Grandmother last year. I bounced around from state to state looking for a place to settle. I lived in many states until I was 25, and then settled in Texas, 3 months after my third child died from Whooping Cough at 1 month old. I met an amazing man during that time. I fell in love with him and him with me. I tease him still today it’s about the Yellow Jeep. He and I have been together since July 7th 2000, we got married in 2004 on St. Patrick’s Day. Now let’s jump to present day. I sit here and write this as a CNA and newly graduate of a phlebotomy program. I was in the hospital and diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. I had a “House” doctor. I always said I wanted someone like house. And I got her well really them it was a husband and wife team. I am very lucky about that. I now live life to the fullest as you never know what tomorrow might bring.

Thanks so much for going back to the beginning and sharing it with us to encourage and re-inspire.

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