Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another one from our readers...

This delightfully honest LO with super amazingly open journaling from Graywolfe.

So here goes. I don't normally carry a purse on a daily basis. But when I ended up in the hospital this past month I had to start carrying a notebook for all my dr appointments and the other things happening in my life. Then when well my period starts gotta carry something to haul the tampons around in or embarass the guys around you. Though mine come in cool colours now so not so utilitarian looking.

The bag itself was a goodwill find. Its an old sample bag made out of the banners you see hanging in the middle of streets for fairs and events in towns or on the outside of buildings.
As well as other material they use for indoor banners. Totaly love the bag when I got it there were samples of diffrent fabrics they use for the banners. I dont know the company but totaly love the bag with the two over sized pockets in it and the length of the straps wears well on me so the bag hangs at my hip. Oh and it holds a TON of things and since it is made to withstand wind and rain it holds up to the weight as well.

This shows you all the things that are in my bag. The clothing protector is usually in my car so if I eat on the run I can well as it says protect my clothing. I now make them as I got an idea from this paticular one I found at goodwill. I know that it sucks when at work and find out you spilt lunch on your suit. This protects all that from happening. I love that one simple find and my friends think its cool too.

Yes I do steal the magazines from Dr offices shame on me. Hey but I do return ones to Dr offices to I'll call it proactive recycling. On a good level arnt you tired of the same 6 year old magazines in office waiting rooms. I just switch them up.

Ok so you caught me during my period so I have tampons and pads in my bag this week. Normally I keep the emergancy stash when not on my period in the car. But I will tell you the U by Kotex are totaly amazing. I used to be a Tampax girl but not anymore. I tryed the U by Kotex and totaly fell in love with a new tampon. And not ashamed to tell you and the whole world about them. Rock on U. Oh and the commercials are totaly amazing too.

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jennifer said...

very honest journaling, and great, bright colours. The bag looks fun too! x