Thursday, 1 July 2010

Challenge 83

This challenge is to document the stuff you carry around in your bag.
Why you have it, what you do with it (if it is unusual)
Try not to edit, just as it is...everyday stuff.
If there is ephemera you can include that too.
I have discovered that what we carry around in our bags is very indicative pf the stage of life we're in at this moment.
Please have your submissions in to me by the 15th of July, either by leaving me a comment with the link to your URL, with typed out journaling or you can email me, Stefanie eyeore at telkomsa dot net.

This first one is from Karen. (remember you can visit any of the dt's blogs by clicking on their photos.)

and a pink kazoo

Journalling (hidden behind the picture) reads

3 bottle tops (Arthur's treasure found at the cricket)
2 pairs glasses
2 mobile phones( 1 English one Dutch)
2 shopping bags
1 pair of Snow White's shoes
1 wallet ( for train pass)
1 bonkie skinny
1 dragon wing ( from a happy meal)
2 pairs scissors
2 hair bands
pain killers
1 tooth in a box ( Stanley's)
1 tub vaseline
 1 hair brush
1 plastic fork (foldable)
1 pencil
a Russian doll umbrella
a huge pile of paper and receipts
bits from a Kinder egg
1 nail clipper
1 red felt tip pen
and a pink kazoo

and why the pink kazoo? A gift from Paula to keep Nancy happy while we ate lunch (found in the bottom of her handbag)


anazelia said...

What a great challenge. Here is mine=

Tracy(me) said...

This was a lot of fun to do! Here's my layout.

A Graywolfe said...

Here is my layout. I totaly loved creating this page. I hand wrote all the journaling even though I hate my handwriting. I vowed to do more hand journaling then typing and printing.