Thursday, 24 June 2010

Another one from Karen

Journalling ( on the photo) reads

For Nancy the best time of the day is when Daddy comes home and she can have a nice sit down with him. It is a battle sometimes to compete with the boys who want Daddy to play football or cricket in the garden but you always get your way in the end.  You cuddle up with your bottle of milk and watch the TV. It doesn't matter what you watch, just that you are with Daddy. You squabble with your brother's if they get in the way. But true to form it doesn't last long, you fidget and wiggle until Daddy gets fed up and Makes you move!


La grande cupcake said...

Oh my! Love this page and the pic is fab!

jennifer said...

How nice to capture a moment that you may not normally photograph / scrap about. It's a page that Nancy will treasure when she's older!