Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Darlene's challenge 81.

Meet Darlene.

My name is Darlene and I love all things handmade. I am a huge fan of paper crafts and I've been totally HOOKED (to say the least!) on scrapbooking for over a year now. I have a husband who is currenty serving in the military and I am wonderfully blessed mother to a 3 year old princess (or so you would think!). I love using sketches, either by my own design or using one off the internet. I would describe my style as journaling heavy and ever-evolving with each new layout. I am currently in a super bright colors phase, but I love doing softer pages as well.  I am so super excited to be part of the very talented Journaling Junkies team!

Here's the link to my blog: ScrappyGoLucky.blogspot.com

“Happy Saturday”
Memorial Day weekend, 2010, we did a fun family activity, we visited a carnival in town! Chris was on a winning streak and got prizes from each booth! Ally had an all-you-can-ride bracelet and went on all the kids rides… twice! After the carnival we went to get some yummy refreshing ice cream on that first weekend of Summer. We had a lovely and happy Saturday!


Liza said...

Welcome to the team Darlene. I love bright colors too! And I like how your layout really pops coz of the mix of bright hues. Love the "sprinkled" buttons, really complemented the fun you described in your journal.

Diana said...

What a happy layout! I love these colours and that stripe... I have a weakness for colourful stripes. And the buttons. I just love this!

Darlene Servolini said...

Thanks girls! I had such a good time using these colors. :)

I'm super happy to be part of the team. :)

jennifer said...

I love how your page screams summer and carnival before you even read the journaling! I also like the scattered buttons. So fun!

AmesOx said...

COngrats Darlene!!! Can't wait to see your work here :)

Melissa W. said...

Yay, Darlene! :) Welcome to the team! I'm so happy to see one of my scrapbook.com friends here!