Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cindy's challenge 81.

'A Typical Saturday?'

The journaling says:
"Saturday 29 May 2010.  It should've been a typical Saturday of house cleaning, dance lessons and a game or 2 with the girls.  The morning went to plan then it all changed.  We got invited to ice-skating and Alina received a birthday invite for the next weekend.  So the afternoon was jam packed with ice-skating and present shopping.  Wish every Saturday was the same.
1. Do the dishes
2. Wash the clothes (raining today so hanging inside)
3. Dance lessons - Alina
4. Prepare pumpkin soup for night's dinner
5. Ice-skating!!!
6. Present shopping - bought mini kitchen sink and accessories
7. Dinner - soup
Followed by 6.30pm family movie on Prime TV - Toy Story then Toy Story 2"

1 comment:

Liza said...

life really does happen and plans change. great journaling!