Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Debbie's challenge 81

Journalling reads

Weekend! Don't you just love them? Should be free time to have fun and enjoy life! For me? Well first of all there's all the washing and ironing. I do wash all week but there's always a backlog to catch up with at weekends. Then it's all got to be ironed and put away. Then there's the extra ironing I take in ......
CLEANING! I'm quite lucky as Andrew does most of the cleaning, and just very occasionally I'll don my marigolds!
DOG WALKS! Definitely only on Saturdays and Sundays do the dogs get serious walkies! Saturday night TV is a must for us, often with a takeaway. X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Dr Who - love it!
And just every now and again, a glass of vino ;)


Liza said...

great layout and journal debbie! i agree with you! weekends should be free time, but often, it's not! hahaha!

jennifer said...

I love how your layout reflects the business of your weekends! The little smiley face on the right is cute too.

Darlene Servolini said...

What a fabulous design! The journaling and pictures are awesome! :D I also LOVE your black trims! :)