Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tis the season (challenge 47)

Tanya has graciously given us permission to use her sketch for our Christmas challenge.
She hosts a sketches blog so if you're looking for a challenge then pop along to her blog. This is my LO.
Journaling as follows:
Our Christmas traditions remain pretty much the same year after year.
Sometime in October I try and photograph the three of you in red and Santa hats…ha ha.
Then from the beginning of December we take down the family handprints quilt and put up the Father Christmas and the Ark quilt.
The handmade ornaments are unearthed and displayed and the tree with all it’s baubles is unpacked.
I usually have a colour scheme in mind ~purple and gold was royalty and silver and red was the blood of Jesus and our redemption.
She loves playing with the knitted Nativity set, especially the mother Mary and the baby Jesus.
Christmas eve you put out milk and biscuits for Father Christmas and carrots and greenery for the reindeer. The presents arrive under the tree some time during the night of the 24th and you children wake up incredibly early and cannot contain your excitement. You have to wait until I’m up and awake enough to take photos. Then you rip into the wrapping papers and squeal and exclaim when you get what you wanted most desperately.
We get ready for church and then come home; you play with your toys while I start roasting the gammon. Sometimes we have salads with it and sometimes hot veg, but always we have the crackers and wear the hot plastic hats for the duration of the meal…It’s a family thing!
Pudding starts with trifle and usually later we’ll have tea with minced pies, shortbread, stollen and liebkuchen. Sometimes it is a family affair and other times we’re with friends, but we always eat too much and enjoy these precious family traditions.

This challenge runs from now (the 9th of December) until the end of December,
when I will post the new one for 2009.
Please have your submissions in to me before the 30th of December midnight GMT.
I will be putting together a prize for the lucky draw for entries in December, posting a pic soon.
The LO has to reflect the sketch and you need to share some Christmas traditions or journaling around the festive season. Once again you can email it to me or leave a comment with your URL for me to collect it there and upload to the JJ blog. (eyeore-at-telkomsa-dot-net)
Many thanks and best wishes for a love filled peaceful Christmas time.


Nicole Drewniak said...

Great job, Stefanie! I love reading how you celebrate in SA!

Helen Tilbury said...

Thanks for joining My Followers! Very kind of you considering I STILL haven't photographed my l/o for you. So sorry...just tons happening right now...will do it when I photograph my JYC pages for my blog ;-( ;-D

Tracy said...

Stunning Lo, Stef - well done!!

Tradition is great - especially when you're a kid - even a big-kid, I guess!!!

Love, Tracy

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

ok I guess I thought the previous lo was yours too--I really like this one as well. I like your use of more than one paper.

I wish I could make the pic bigger so I could see the knitted nativity--that sounds cool. And what is gammon? Do you have tea all the time or just at Christmas? And what is stollen and liebkuchen? And what kind of minced pies--like mince meat?

Amy said...

I love the challenge and looking at all the beautiful scrapbook pages. Here's a link to the scrapbook page I made using the sketch.


How do i officially enter into the contest?


Lynette said...

I am loving this sketch! And what all the ladies have done with it.

ALLY said...

Gorgeous sketch Tracy! I knew the moment I saw it, I had to use it for all the photos I took today.

Here's my page: http://yourmemoriescanada.blogspot.com/2008/12/twas-night-before-christmas.html