Saturday, 13 December 2008

Reader's roundup

This one is from Amy for challenge 47.
Our Christmas traditions include..
~Putting up the Christmas decorations and lights the day after Thanksgiving.
~We use the advent calendar that Grandma gave us to count down the days until Christmas.
~We send out our annual Christmas card, which might include a letter depending on how much time we have.
~The kids always get pictures with Santa.
~ We usually spend a couple days at the mall with our family to shop for Christmas gifts.
~We bake sugar cookies around this time of year, especially the night before Santa comes!
~Christmas Eve we spend with Joe's family in the late afternoon and then we head over to Amy's Mom's house (this year it will be at Laura's). We have fun exchanging gifts and eating together.
~Santa wraps and delivers the gifts the night of Christmas Eve
~Christmas day is usually pretty chaotic with all the excitement, toys and wrapping paper everywhere!
~After opening presents at our house on Christmas day, we head over to my Dad and Jeanie's house to celebrate with them and exchange gifts.
~We want to add going to down town Seattle for one of our traditions. I'd also like to start having the kids write a letter to Santa now that they are old enough.
~Thinking about our Christmas traditions makes me inspired to think of some new ways we can add traditions to our family. These are the things that the kids will (hopefully) remember.

This one is from Lynette for challenge 46.

Sisters trying to stop the last day from ending.
Giggling and whispering through the last night.
If I could turn back time...I would not have given myself to idle words.
Damaging forever the realtionship we had

Thanks ladies, I will be doing the draw for the Oct Nov prize a later today.

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Liza said...

Great layouts!
Love the journaling on Amy and Lynette's submissions.