Friday, 12 December 2008

Liza's challenge 47.

Since I got married four years ago, we've been spending Christmas with Nelo's family. We've tried to make it a point to spend Christmas with them and spend New Year's with my family.
Year 2006 was no different. Our Christmas celebration begins with Noche Buena on Christmas Eve. We attend mass in the evening and celebrate afterwards together as family. Christmas Day, we get ready to distribute and open our presents together.
After that, we proceed to Loyola to visit Raya. It's a sad moment and yet we have to do it, it's the only way we can actually "spend" Christmas with her.
Then it's off to lunch and celebrate this joyous day once more.
Christmas is time with family and that is how we celebrate it every year.
(December 25, 2006)

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cabbie lopez said...

what fun colors here!!! love the details!