Monday, 1 December 2008

Dedra Long

I spotted this LO here and asked Dedra Long for her kind permission to feature her work here.
This kind of journaling is the reason that I scrapbook and how I am inspired by the awesome talents of others. A huge thanks to Ronda and Dedra for sharing their art, heart and talents with us.
Please vist their blogs and let them know you appreciate them too.
The journaling reads:

I lied, I lied when I was a teenager and said I was over it….I was OK, that my heart and soul was mended….Because I was not even close to being OK….My heart and soul was screaming because I couldn’tunderstand why my Dad had not kept in touch….not a card, not even a phone call….NOTHING….We were so close and it was like he fell of the face of the earth….I grew up and to this day, sometimes, I still wonder was it ME? Now, that I have children of my own I can’t even imagine not seeing them grow up….The special women they will become….I know it was my Dad’s choice not to be apart of my life, even to this day….Why? Why doesn’t he try now, now that I’m older and he has granddaughters that he will never know….I have realized I was shaped as a person more by his absence then his presence….There is no doubt and I will admit that my heart and soul still hurt….BUT, I will continue to move forward and GROW to be the best person I can be…..


Lynette said...

Wow, this is powerful...she is really exposing her soul.

Lynette said...
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Simply-Mel said...

Truly a piece of heart spilled onto paper. Wonderful stuff.

Liza said...

So heartfelt... I wish you peace of heart and strength to move forward despite the pain it caused you.

Ronda P. said...

I know that the layout cannot mend that hurting heart....

your feelings and words are so powerful and make it such a beautiful layout.

I am truly moved by your words.