Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Nicole's Sponsor LO and Challenge LO for this week..

Here is Nicole's LO with this month's sponsor product by Art Glitter (used on the big red flower):

Here is Nicole's challenge LO for this week:

Journaling reads:

Seafood was a mystery growing up. I was raised on a grain farm and we were very much a red meat and potatoes kind of family at mealtime. Hearty fare was the order of the day. We generally only had fish in the dead of winter when my Dad would go ice fishing. I often went with him when I was younger, waiting patiently on the ice for a Jack or a Pickerel to come and try to steal my bait off the hook.

I don’t recall the first time I had crab but I know I was an adult (my best guess is at Joey’s Seafood while dating the man who is now my husband). What I do know for certain is that, even though it is messy to crack open and dig out the sweet meat in the shell, there is nothing like it. Drench it in butter and drizzle some lemon over top and it is absolutely divine. Who knew that such an unattractive creature could give such a gift? If I could have the meal of my dreams, I’d have snow crab along with scallops, stuffed potato, corn and snap peas. Perhaps a chocolate mousse for dessert and a bottle of Barolo to sip afterward while chit chatting about the day’s events. Add a little French music to play in the background and I suddenly feel like this would be like living in the lap of luxury. I guess that is the secret of really good food: it transports you to another place even when you’re at home.


Colette Bate said...

First of all ... your sponsor page is magnificent! I can't do 'white space' pages for beans ... and this one is just stunning! The Art Glitter really adds some awesome effects!

Now ... your challenge layout is so good! If you are the one who staged that still life of the crab and wine .. WOO HOO!! .. it pretty much says it all. I love your ability to encorporate your journaling into the whole page design. It's beautiful! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...love me some crab legs too! ;) What a great lo celebrating these yummy crustaceans!

Stefanie said...

I also have to give a round of applause to both layouts. Very inspiring. As to the food choices...I'll only take the choc mousse ~ boring I know. Well done.

QueenTracy said...

I just can't really visit this blog without being hungry this week! Great job on your page!!!

Ali said...

Nicole, what AMAZING work. That "crabby" journaling is fabulous and so well-expressed.I LOVE your work. I don't get to say that enough!

And-- I love seafood as well, good Maritimer that I am!

Both LO's are gorgeous... that red flower rocks. Just stunning. Whoa!

TYFS and congrats on 2 more beautiful LO's.