Saturday, 5 April 2008

Challenge # 18

Here is this week's challenge, brought to you by Jamie:

"The Roles I Play"

Who are you? What are you? Life is about living out the roles we've made for ourselves...minor ones, major ones...they all add up to equal the person we are. What are the roles YOU play?


Reformed Mama said...

Great idea! I've done a couple pages in this vein, but nothing so specific. Hope I get a chance to play, love the page!

Nicole Drewniak said...

I love the way you tucked your journaling all around. Thumbs up!

Colette Bate said...

Cute, cute, cute, Jamie! This is so fun ... love your title and the mix of fonts and media! Awesome attention getter ... and that one little photo of you ... so fun! Did I say this page was so cute? Great challenge, hon!

Stefanie said...

Lovely challenge and I also love the tucked tags. Well done.