Monday, 13 September 2010

Last one from me...

I am sure that you can recognize this template. (March's free template from

Title: dit is lekker

Journaling: For your Afrikaans oral you needed to create 10 sentences that started with “dit is lekker om te”
And you thought it was a great idea to bake with me and then take the cupcakes to school for everyone to taste. Cousin Bernise helped me with the Afrikaans while I was chatting to her on facebook. You created a poster with pictures that you drew describing the whole process.
I enjoyed my time baking with you and appreciate your helpfulness and the way you cleaned up so nicely as well. I trust that your school friends will enjoy the cupcakes tomorrow too.
Love Mom.

Dit is lekker om saam met Mama te bak
Dit is lekker om meul en suiker to meet
Dit is lekker om dit goed to meng
Dit is lekker om te kyk hoe die koek in die oond bak
Dit is lekker om die deug to proe
Dit is lekker om die koek to ruik
Dit is lekker om die koek uit die oond te haal
Dit is lekker om die koek to versier
Dit is lekker om koek to eet


Karen Williams said...

I think I can almost translate this with my limited Dutch!

Karen Williams said...

And that's an achievement!