Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another one from me

This one isn't a HUGE accomplishment, far more everyday life at our house,
but something I can be proud of nonetheless. 

Title: Most nights
·         I cook from scratch
·         We have broccoli and carrots
·         Only occasionally will we have butternut, cauliflower and green beans
·         We have a starch; either potato, basmati rice or maize pasta
·         We have chicken, cornflake crumbed, casseroled or roasted
·         Occasionally we’ll have mince or meatballs
·         Seldom we’ll have steak or lamb chops
·         Sausage and mash even less often
·         The child on duty will lay the table, with cold water glasses and condiments
·         We pray “ Thank-you for our food Lord Jesus,
thank-you for your love,
Thank-you for your blessings Lord
Which flow from heaven above”
·         We sit around the kitchen counter
·         We eat by 6.30 pm
·         We very seldom have dessert
·         We share the experiences of the day

I used a template from (march 10x12)
The alpha is from k hartley : big kid church.
Papers called smd_exit 3_ paper5 and SSA_D@paper6

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Debbie said...

This is a great one to look back one in years to come!