Monday, 22 March 2010

Shayne's Challenge 76

Journalling as follows:

10 Things that drive me CRAZY:

1.  People who offer to do something and then simply do not do it.  Whatsup with that?  If you have no intention of doing something, don't offer.
2.  Cupbard doors and drawes being left open - how difficult is it to close the door/drawer after you have taken out what you need? Not very.
3.  Crumbs left on the counter after a sandwhich/toast has been made.  Firstly, use a breadboard.  Secondly, wipe the crumbs away when you have finished.

4. Wet towels on the floor/bed after swimming & bathing - need I say more?
5. Clothes left on the floor when they are taken off.  They either need to be put in the washbasket or back in the cupboard that they came out of (and the door is probably still open anyway so how difficult is it to put away)?
6. People who do not leave messages when they call you - yet expect you to call them back.
7. Bad manners.
8. Slurping of a drink or whilst eating.  It repels me.  There is no excuse of it.  Ever.
9. People who are two-faced.  If you have something to say, say it.  Don’t wait for me to leave the room before you do so.
10. Channel hopping whilst ads are on during a prog that you are watching.  If there is something else you want to watch, watch it.  Or tape it.  Don’t try and watch mulitple programmes at once!


Stefanie said...

Lovely Shayne.
Thanks for keeping things going for me, I appreciate you so much.

Tracy said...

Love this LO, Shayne ... I have a Channel Surfer in my home ... grrrr ... grrrr ... grrrr ...

Love, Tracy G

Shayne said...

Thanks Tracy & the intrepid traveller!