Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cabbie's challenge 76.

this is a mixed media gesso primed canvas which i painted with acrylic and decorated with glass bead gel and Smooch accent inks. i also used vintage pages and brushed with gel medium to seal it.

journaling: Mad is an emotion so hard to control. So many things can trigger this so called "build-up" emotion but nevertheless, there is always a chance to let this come off. I am really not an angry person but too-much-to-bear situations can make me a monster. I don't allow DISRESPECT because i follow the golden rule. I hate it when people MESS UP my schedules. I have the attitude of disliking people DESTROYING MY BOOKS... to add to the list, I don't like PRIVACY PEEKERS... mind your own business is very important. I also get mad when I am SLEEP DEPRIVED. When I FORGET SOMETHING, I get angry-- well, only me to blame! and when I CAN'T FIND what I am looking for, I can be at my worst.

I don't get made at people because it is not for me to judge them. It may happen once in a while and very temporary. I believe that it takes so much effort to be mad than to be happy. So stay easy and relax all the way.


Nicole Drewniak said...

This is such a cool piece of art! Well done!

Tracy said...

An Awesome piece of art indeed ... and I feel the same when it comes to DISRESPECT ... TFS ...

Love, Tracy G