Thursday, 25 March 2010

Helen's Challenge 76

The Details:

Title:  Don't Delay!


I hardly ever get mad to be honest, but once every few months I go berserk!  Boy oh boy you better watch out!  Not much makes me mad - individually - but when I do get angry it is usually because there is just too much on my plate and just too much going wrong simultaneously.  I don't like screaming and shouting, or evern stressing, so I just ask nicely and often people take advantage of my laid back disposition and fail to take the action I require.  Eventually I go ballistic, because I've asked countless times and been ignored, or not really taken seriously.  The last time this happened was in January this year when I had been asking my daughter for at least 2 months to get to grips with her messy bedroom.  When her friend came to stay and lost her mobile phone I wasn't surprised we couldn't find it in all the jumble!  After endless hunting and fuming as the true extent of the mess unfolded before my eyes I lashed out and swept everything off the surfaces with my flailing arms, all over the floor then proceeded to tip out all the drawers.  It felt good I have to be hones!  Poor
Chelsea was obviously very upset becasue she could see that I had lost control, and I realise this isn't the right state of mind to be in, so am just glad my hissy fits down't come round too often!  2010.

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Tracy said...

I know the feeling - I try not to even go into my son's room because I see "red" ...

Love, Tracy G